ePub Resources

ePub Readers - No Text to Speech

Adobe Digital Editions Free Ebook Reader

EBook Offline Reader - Chrome App

Nook Reading App - Google Play, iTunes, Windows Store

Readium - Chrome App

ePub Readers - Text to Speech Capabilities

Balabolka - Windows, Free

Blio - Windows, iOS, Android, Free but must create an account

Book Bazaar Reader - Windows app, Free, $4.99 to remove advertising for 1 year, $9.99 to remove advertising for lifetime

Cloud ePub Reader with Drive - Chrome App, Free, Use with the keyboard combination Ctrl + Alt + Z to use the built-in, free reader

Dolphin EasyReader - 30-day free trial for Windows, FREE iOS and Android app

Freda - Windows app, Free, $1.99 to remove advertising

Google Play - If you have a google account, you can upload your ePub and then have it read with a free Chrome extension such as SpeakIt or a paid Chrome extension such as Snap & Read

iBooks - iOS device with iOS 9 and on your Mac with OS X Yosemite or later

NaturalReader Free - Win/MAC

Read&Write for Google Premium - Chrome Extension, Free for Educators, Contact TextHELP for pricing

Readiator - Chrome App Paired with Select and Speak - Text to Speech Extension, Both Free

EPUBReader - Chrome App Paired with Speak It Chrome Extension, Both Free 

Voice Dream Reader - iOS, $14.99

Simple EPUB Reader - Chrome App, Has a built-in reader

Other ePub Resources

Overdrive Media Console - iOS, Android, Chromebook, Mac OS, Windows, and Windows Phone 
Audiobooks also available, this service is available with a library card from participating libraries.  ePubs can be read using iOS's Speak Text or Speak Selection

Don Johnston Snap & Read - Win/MAC, Chrome Browser
Reads accessible and inaccessible text aloud - You can use the free Read&Write for Google extension

ePub Comparison Matrix - 2017 ATIA Presentation by Jeff Bond and Jim Lambert

Portable ePub Reader Devices

Amazon Kindle Fire



Victor Reader Stream

Watch a Step-By-Step Video on How to Open an ePub on an iPad

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