PATINS State Conference Gets a New Name!

PATINS Presents: Access to Education. Save the date for 2018 - November 28 & 29.

Return Shipping is Now Available at No Cost to Borrowers of the Lending Library

Now borrowers can order & print return shipping labels from our website.

Sandi Mahl is now Sandi Smith!

And she is now ready to support your Accessible Content Authoring, Apple & Chrome Accessibility & Integration, SLD & Transition: Secondary Age  needs.

Jessica Conrad, Kelli Suding & Rachel Herron are Ready to Serve You in New Ways

Jessica's specialty areas: Early Intervention, AAC, Communication Disorders, AEM Technical Specs/Formats/Conversion, Training Videos/Tutorials Kelli's specialty areas: Autism/Asperger's, AEM & AT: Secondary Age, Chrome Accessibility & Integration, SLD: Primary Age Rachel's specialty areas: AEM & AT: Primary Age, Emotional Disabilities

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