Ordering Specialized Aids and Equipment

The specialized aids and equipment from the IERC are for students who have been identified, case conferenced and registered with the ICAM as blind and low vision.

The IERC provides most of the items listed in the APH “Instructional Products Catalog” which is available free from the American Printing House for the Blind (APH), Inc.,1839 Frankfort Avenue, Louisville, KY 40206-0086, 800-223-1839 or 502-895-2405. Free manuals are available at  APH Downloadable Product Manuals.
  • Requests for specialized aids and equipment will be loaned from the IERC depository as quantities allow.
  • If you search the ICAM for an item and your results are unsuccessful, you may place a Special Request for that item. To place a special request, log in to the ICAM. On the main page, select Special Request and enter data or after you have searched the ICAM, you will have the option to place a “Special Request.”
  • If the item is not available, we will order from the American Printing House depending on availability and federal quota dollars. Time frames for delivery of materials to the LEA are dependent upon whether the requested items are on the IERC shelves or whether they need to be ordered. For updates on the status of an order, log into the ICAM and check the request status or call the IERC at 1-800-833-2198. For more information about the ICAM contact them at 800-795-9271.
  • Magnifiers, CCTV’s and other non-APH instructional products are not supplied for students through the IERC. Please contact individual vendors or the PATINS Project for information and/or assistance.
  • The IERC will try to provide materials as requested, but reserves the right to question the DRM regarding any order. The quantity ordered and/or cost of materials may necessitate modification of a request.
  • A "packing slip" will be enclosed in or attached to each shipment from the IERC.  Login to the ICAM web order interface at http://webordering.icam.k12.in.us, click "Confirm Delivery" under Review Orders, enter the Order ID# and the first 2 letters of the student's last name, then click Submit.  Enter the date the package was received in the Receive Date field and then click Save. Please complete this process immediately after receiving a shipment from the IERC to help us track receipt and timely delivery of your order/s.
  • A person should be designated at the “ship to address” on the order form during the summer months to receive ordered materials, and to sign and return the packing slips to the IERC to verify receipt of materials and accuracy of shipment.

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