Vicki is the PATINS Specialist for Deaf and Hard of Hearing and Transition: Primary Age. She joined the PATINS team in 2016. Her professional background includes a rich and blended experience in education, technology and healthcare. She holds a Masters in Education from the University of Louisville, is licensed in general education 1- 6 and middle school mathematics, and is certified in Instructional Design. The connecting thread throughout her career has been an advocacy and drive toward accessible, equitable and meaningful learning opportunities for all students. She loves the quote by Loris Malaguzzi that says, "Our task is to help children communicate with the world using all their potential, strengths and languages, and to overcome any obstacle presented by our culture." 
Bev Sharritt fell into the Blind/Low vision teaching field when she shared a doughnut with her future mentor at a long ago genetics conference for biology teachers. She studied at Purdue University (biology education), Butler University (blind/low vision) and Salus University (orientation and mobility). She has worked at the Indiana School for the Blind, and as an itinerant teacher for the blind. Her focus for her students has been on independence in the NOW, and she feels privileged to see the continuing spectacular changes in technology that bring access for students with blindness, and their sighted peers—side by side. Her favorite thing is to cook a big meal for friends, family and strangers, and listen to the talk that happens around the table. 
Jessica has been a PATINS Specialist since 2016. She is a certified Speech-Language Pathologist and former technology integration specialist. Her first love is supporting communication for all learners.  Her second love is technology and sharing how the right tool can make success possible. She specializes in Early Intervention, Accessible Educational Material technology and specifications, and tutorials.
Rachel Herron is a PATINS Specialist for the areas of Accessible Educational Materials, Assistive Technology: Primary Age, and Emotional Disabilities. Rachel’s range of experience in Special Education includes teaching students across multiple states with Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities and Severe and Profound disabilities and through Assistive Technology Consultation. Driven by passion, her goals are to help teaching professionals across the state to level the playing field by using AT and the strategies of UDL.
Jena Fahlbush is the Data & Outreach Specialist for PATINS. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Indiana University and is licensed to teach grades K-6. Jena has experience as a general education educator, special education paraprofessional, Title I teacher, and preschool co-teacher. Her experience in the general education setting has aided her understanding of the value of the PATINS Project to all educators throughout the state. Much of her time is spent connecting with educators at conferences, fairs, on social media, and through the eNewsletter to promote meeting the needs of all students with the help of PATINS.
Martha Wells Hammond, MA.Ed has taught LD, MSD and EBD students grades K – 8, and holds a certification in Screening for Dyslexia. Since 2010, she has been the ICAM DRM Services Specialist for the PATINS Project. Martha trains and supports DRMs as they acquire AEM for Indiana students, and provides guidance for helping schools meet the NIMAS Regulations of the IDEA 2004. She presents to groups about ICAM Services at state and national conventions.
Kelli Suding is one of the PATINS Specialist and has a background in general education and special education classrooms.  She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Education from Indiana University with licensing in both general and special education K-6.  Kelli has national, state and regional presentation and training experience.  She has a strong understanding of and ability to connect theory to practice.  Kelli has instructional experience with students requiring mild, moderate, and intense intervention.  She specializes in Autism/Aspergers, AEM & AT (Secondary Age), SLD (Primary Age) and Chrome Accessibility & Integration.
Julie Kuhn is the PATINS Northeast Coordinator.  She has a background of 24 years in public schools as an occupational therapist, assistive technology coordinator, and special services coordinator. 

Her degree is from Eastern Michigan University-go Hurons!  Julie’s strengths include brainstorming and approaching issues from a different perspective.  She is often called in for collaboration and as a resource for school staff especially in her specialty areas of AAC (Alternative Augmented Communication), Universal Design for Learning, AT Team Development, Orthopedic Access to the Curriculum and AT in the IEP.  Julie is a presenter and trainer at the national, state and regional levels.  

Sandi has a background of 21 years in public schools. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Science Education and Master's Degree in Special Education from Indiana University. Go Hoosiers!  She excels in problem-solving and is comfortable with both in and out of the box solutions. Throughout her career, she has been a presenter and trainer at the national, state and regional level.  She specializes in Accessible Content Authoring, Apple & Chrome Accessibility & Integration, Secondary Age Specific Learning Disorders & Secondary Age Transition. She enjoys exploring Columbus with her husband and dogs and hates writing in 3rd person about herself.

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