Sandi Smith, Specialist

Specialty Areas: Accessible Content Authoring, Apple & Chrome Accessibility & Integration, SLD & Transition: Secondary Age





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    Digital Portfolios for High School Transition

    Design a dynamic site for your students that will express their uniqueness as well as curate the scope of their pre - 12 education. A highlight for post-secondary organizations: training, IEP, and testing documentation, assistive technology, accommodation and modification history, personal living skills. Explore the digital options and ins and outs of privacy with me in this session.

    DESIGNed for All!

    Get ready for a lesson planning based UDL adventure!  In this presentation, we will be specifically dissecting standards in a STEM environment to create a lesson plan that encompasses all learners including those with significant disabilities. Whether by high tech, low tech or no tech all students can participate and thrive in the UDL classroom. Good DESIGN is the key.

    Use the All the Functions and Abilities of a Chromebook

    We all know that computer programs/apps and extensions are capable of assisting our students in amazing ways. The thing we want to know is which ones!  We will learn how to create a Hyperdoc to help students progress logically through a lesson. We will look at some of the most versatile apps available for middle to secondary students. We will explore how to get the computer to support reading, writing and even classroom management! Get technology on your side!

    What the UDL are you talking about?

    UDL (Universal Design for Learning) is mentioned 5 times in the ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015) add that to the directives in the 2016 National Education Technology Plan and 2015 Ed Tech Developers Guide, and you get 7 citations of UDL in the documents that influence all expectations of education. 5 + 2 = Something you need to understand. Come with me and learn the basics and how you can begin to use this dynamic, game-changing method of teaching!

    Super Smash Brothers - Chrome and Apple

    1 + 1 = Spectacular! Using these 2 operating systems (OS) across platforms makes for the perfect work/school platform for you and your students. In a universally designed classroom, it is imperative that there be choices. In this session, you will learn the meaning of device agnostic and how to smash apps across platforms. Do not worry! You will come out on the back side of this presentation with your values intact and no residual radiation poisoning! Just a new way of using some old friends to create greater outcomes!

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  • Sandi Smith - PATINS Specialist 

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    Sandi Smith is a PATINS Specialist. She has a background of 21 years in public schools. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Science Education and Master's Degree in Special Education both from the IU School of Education. Sandi's experience helps her to excel in problem solving and creative resourcefulness. She is comfortable with both in and out of the box solutions. Throughout her career, she has been a presenter and trainer at the national, state and regional level. She specializes in all things Chromebook and Chrome OS for Education and Accessible Educational Materials (AEM) and Assistive Technology (AT) solutions for Secondary Students with Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD) and Emotional Disabilities (ED).

    Specialty Areas

    • Chromebook and Chrome OS for Education

    • AEM & AT for Secondary Students with Specific Learning Disabilities

    • AEM & AT for Secondary Students with Emotional Disabilities

    • Secondary Students Transition


    • PATINS Specialist

    • Public Educator - 21 years

    • Earth/Space Science Educator 6-12

    • Special Education Teacher

    • State and National Presenter

  • Brand new Chrome Accessibility Training!

    Chrome and Apple: A Match Made in Heaven!
    1 + 1 = Spectacular! Using these 2 operating systems (OS) across platforms makes for the perfect work/school platform for you and your students.

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