Transition Cadre Digital Portfolios


Event Title: Digital Portfolios for All
Open/Closed: Closed - This training can be requested for your School District
Description: Design a dynamic site with your students that will express their uniqueness as well as curate the scope of their pre - 12 education. Highlight their: reading ability, writing ability, arts skills, community service, training, IEP, testing documentation, assistive technology experience, accommodation and modification history, personal living skills any or all of the above for post-secondary organizations. Along the way, we will explore the digital options and ins and outs of privacy as we create an accessible, living document for school and beyond.
The IDOE guidelines for students with IEP’s will be discussed as a precursor to the demonstration.
Date: 9/13
Time:1:00 - 3:00 pm EST
Registration Link: none
Cost: This PATINS Training is at no cost to you
Format/Location: In person
Presenter: Sandi Smith
Professional Growth Plan Points Available: Yes, available through the completion of this short evaluation =
Target Audience: Educators, Administrators
Notes: This training can be requested by contacting Sandi Smith ( or through our Google form =

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