Top 9 Things Educators Can Do To Support Students


Description:  While there are many ways we can support our students, we have come down to the Top 9 to implement right out of the gate. Building relationships with our students can set the ground work for the school year; as well as supporting and teaching the skills for executive functioning. Whether you are a special educator, general education teacher, administrator, related services provider, paraprofessional, school staff, we all can play an integral role in successful student outcomes while supporting equitable opportunities for student independence. This session will leave you with practical ideas and actions to consider to facilitate engagement, represent and action and expression for ALL students.

Open or Closed: Open

Date: 9/23/2021

Time: 11:00AM - 11:45AM EST

Cost: No cost 

Presenter: Kelli Suding

PGPs Available? Yes

Format/Location: Zoom Register

Target Audience: All educators, IT personnel, paraprofessionals and administrators

Notes: To request this webinar for your school, please email Kelli Suding at


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