Tech Expo Updates: Indiana Inclusive Communication Matters Webinar


All times are 3:30-4:30 Eastern
September 18: AAC Funding 
November: IAM Updates 
January: TBA
February: Challenging Behaviors and Complex Communicators Panel
April: Highlights from the PATINS Tech Expo

Anyone working in Indiana's public PK-12 schools is invited to the Communication Community of Practice. Last year's guests included staff from the Office of Student Assessment, Office of Special Education, PASS Project, PATINS Project, Project Success, and, of course, local teachers, therapists, assistants, and admins with questions and ideas about how to best support, teach, and assess students with the most complex communication needs.

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History: In 2016 the IDOE, Office of Special Education in collaboration with the Office of Student Assessment and the PATINS Project hosted a series of regional Communication Community of Practice (CoP) meetings. The focus of these meetings was to support teachers and staff who educate students who have ‘no observable mode of communication.’ It is imperative to see what kind of supports can be offered to schools and teachers, so our CoP is offering virtual sessions in order to best support educators.

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Organizer: PATINS Staff, please email Jessica Conrad for more information

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