Accessible Electronic Books for Elementary Readers Webinar


Title: Accessible Electronic Books for Elementary Readers

Description: This session will seek to increase your students’ literacy by answering the following: How can I use electronic books to improve engagement? Where can you go for adding more reading experiences for your one to one devices? What are the current copyright laws, and special education laws that you should be familiar with in accessing electronic media? When I find an online source, what are the best tools to use to make the media universally available to my diverse learners?

Open or Closed: Open
Date: 1/16/2019
Time: 4:15:00 PM
Cost: FREE
Presenter: Bev Sharritt
PGPs Available? YES

Format/Location: Webinar

Target Audience: elementary educators

Notes: This training is also available from PATINS at no cost, in person, for your customized needs. Please contact me via email to arrange for any accommodations or to schedule at

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