#PatinsIcam Twitter Chat


Join us on Twitter, Tuesday nights at 8:30 pm EST, for one half hour full of collaboration, resource/tool sharing, and supportive conversation. Follow #PatinsIcam on Twitter to participate in the chat.

Preview the questions - Before each chat, we'll release all the questions so you can prepare and plan your answers.

New to Twitter chats? Start by creating your own Twitter account or signing in. Then, follow the #PatinsIcam through the search function or utilize Tweetdeck, a free social media dashboard, to help follow along and participate during the chat. Follow these steps on how to get started with Tweetdeck. To respond to questions, type your answer and be sure to include #PatinsIcam at the end of each tweet.

Earn Professional Growth Points (PGPs) - Indiana educators can earn 1 PGP upon completion of each chat. The link will be tweeted at the end of each chat.

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