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Kelli Suding, M.Ed., Specialist

Specialty Areas: Autism, AEM & AT Integration: Secondary Age, Chrome Accessibility & Integration, SLD: Primary Age

Kelli Suding
Kelli Suding

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  • "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." ~Confucius 

    Gloria Crowell, Rachel Herron, Shellie Parr, and Kelli Suding being silly with a sign worded you're weird. I like it.    
    Kelli in Classroom       Daniel McNulty, Jena Fahlbush, and Kelli Suding posing in front of The Punchliner Comedy Club backdrop   Jena Fahlbush and Daniel McNulty watching Ophi, the robot, with a group of students     Kelli working with Ophi, the robot, and a student    PATINS staff ice bucket challenge   Daniel McNulty and Kelli Suding posing with the words UDL Rock Star and Teacher equals Hero    Kelli Suding holds a long skateboard and Daniel McNulty    Daniel McNulty, Kelli Suding, Rachel Herron, Jessica Conrad, Vicki Walker, and Bev Sharritt wearing sunglasses   Kelli Suding, Jim Lambert, and Sandy Stabenfeldt posing with photo booth props  Kelli Suding, Rachel Herron & Jessica Conrad are pictured with the words team PATINS hits the road
    Sandi, Rachel, Jessica, Kelli, Vicki, Jena   Sabrina, Kelli, Jessica  PATINS Staff & Walt Daigle  

    Katie, Rachel, Kelli, Jena working 3 women sitting on stageKatie and Kelli

    PATINS StaffGroup of people doing improvBev, Jena and Kelli

    Kelli, Luis, Sandi, JulieJessica, Julie, Jena, Kelli, Kristan
  • With the FREE app Clips, captioning happens AS you speak!

      Do you ever get blocked from a "friendly view" website at school? This COULD be because the url has been shortened for the convenience of the viewer. However, it will often become a huge INconvenience. Don't fret, there IS a way around this so you can still take your students where they need to go.  

    Did you know that by these few simple steps, if the website you are trying to access is a friendly website- you will be able to access the original url and cut out that url "middle man?"


      Did you know
     that the Apple EARBUDS with the volume control can act as a camera release?

    Plug the earbuds into the iDevice with a camera, open the camera app and when you are ready to take a shot press the + on the volume control and your device will take a picture. It also works for starting and stopping the video recorder.

    Have you ever CRINGED when you access YouTube in your class and the unwanted suggested videos and ads display? To prevent the GASP from yourself and your students...

    Did you know that if you type: _popup between the  "watch" and "?"...ONLY the video will display?

    screenshot of browser address bar with _popup added between the word watch and the ?

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