Learning Ally eOrder Process

  • Many find it worthwhile to search for books at www.learningally.org before searching on the ICAM as some titles have multiple ISBN numbers.  This also allows you to choose between a VOICEtext or Classic Audio format.  VOICEtext titles are books with both human-voice and printed text. Classic Audio books have human-voice audio with chapter and page headings displayed, but no text.  

  • Log into the ICAM Web Ordering site.

  • If you serve more than 1 School Corporation, select the proper School Corporation for which you are ordering. 

  • Select eBook Search under the Primary Functions category.

  • Enter the ISBN or you can search by Author and/or Title.  See the note below for titles not found.

  • Next, click Find Now. 

  • Be sure the ISBN and/or Title/Author match the book you need. If the book is available the medium code will show AudioPlusDL:Orderable, click on this link.

  • This will take you to a page where you enter the Student Number (STN) and click Submit Order.

  • After clicking on the Submit Order button, the system returns you to the eBook Search.  If you are a DRM, your order is then sent for processing by the ICAM staff.  If you are a teacher, your order will be sent to the DRM for approval.  Once the DRM approves the order, it will be processed by the ICAM staff.
  • To review the order, click on eOrder History and you can see the details of your order.  As a DRM if you need to cancel the order you will choose Approve eOrder and click Cancel under Action.  The order will be removed when you cancel.

  • Only DRM's can cancel orders. If you are a teacher and need to cancel an order, please contact your DRM.  If the DRM Disapproves the order it will be cancelled.  If the DRM has already approved the order, they can still cancel it if the ICAM has not already processed the order.

  • Regardless of who places the request the ICAM staff will process the order with Learning Ally and send the completed request via email to the DRM.  This email will include the student’s Username, Password, order information and instructions on how to access the file from Learning Ally.  The DRM should then share this email with the Teacher.

    *Please note that some titles available on the Learning Ally website may not show up in the ICAM system.  In this case then you will choose Search ICAM/IERC and click on the Make Special Req. link.  Fill out this page.  Under Medium Requested choose ePub and under Alternate Medium type Learning Ally.  Under Special Instructions note that the title is available on the Learning Ally website, but not available in our system.

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