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Read:OutLoud is an accessible text reader that provides below-grade level readers access to the general curriculum. The Read:OutLoud software is made available here by the ICAM under a state-wide license. You must be a registered DRM with the ICAM to download this software.

View a demo and product information, plus watch video tutorials to learn more about Read:OutLoud. Teach yourself how to use the program in 30 minutes using the Train-In-30! guide.

Please note: Due to licensing restrictions, you can only visit the download page one time. Please download all the files necessary from this page before closing your browser. If you log out or your session ends, you will need to contact the ICAM to have your account reset before you can download additional files.

Read:OutLoud Installers

Apple Macintosh
Apple/Mac Installer This file is a ZIP file containing a Mac Installer to install the Read:OutLoud software. This download is approximately 369 MB Download Apple/Mac Installer. Read:OutLoud is only compatible with the MAC operating systems 10.7 (Lion) - 10.11 (El Capitan).

After installing the MAC version if you are running OS 10.9 (Maverick) or above you will need to go to the Don Johnston website to request an update because the latest Apple Mavericks OS 10.9 release has brought with it an inability to launch Read:OutLoud.

PC Installer This file is a Zip file containing a Windows Installer (.msi) to install the Read:OutLoud software. This download is approximately 285 MB. Download PC Installer. This product requires Windows XP – 10 OS with 512 MB RAM;  Pentium 4+ CPU; and 600mB of Free Disk Space

This video shows how to open a NIMAS file in Read:OutLoud.

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