Rachel Herron, Specialist

Specialty Areas: AEM & AT Integration: Primary Age, Emotional Disabilities, Apple Accessibility & Integration

Rachel Herron, Special Agent

Rachel Herron, Special Agent



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  • Rachel HerronRachel Herron is a Specialist with the PATINS Project. Rachel’s range of experience in Special Education includes teaching students across multiple states with Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities and Severe and Profound disabilities and being a city-wide assistive technology evaluator for Chicago Public Schools. Most recently Rachel worked as a Behavioral Support Teacher and Assistive Technology consultant in Indiana. Rachel holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Severe and Profound Disabilities K-12 and a Master’s Degree in Emotional and Behavioral Disturbances. Driven by passion and a desire to see the leveled playing field that UDL and AT brings to the game, Rachel is thrilled to be working with the PATINS Project and schools across the state of Indiana.

  • Writing

    Low Tech 
    Device Helps Students…

    Paper with bold or raised lines With fine motor or visual impairment to stay within the lines
    Graph Paper

    To more evenly space letters and words
    Pencil Grip With a larger and mores supported means of holding a pencil
    Soft rubber-like pad

    Keep papers from slipping off smooth or inclined surface
    Weighted Pencil

    Hold the pencil in a more stable manner

    Organize writing and emphasize specific parts of the writing process

    Mid Tech


    Helps Students…

    Digital Recorder

    Dictate information as an alternative to a hand-written assignment; take notes

    Portable keyboarding device

    Type instead of write
    Word prediction software

    Reduce keystrokes while typing (lessen the amount)

    Alternate keyboards

    Access the computer to write

    On screen keyboard

    Access the computer to write
    Hand-Held Speaking Dictionary

    Spell unknown words when writing

    High Tech


    Helps Students…

    Word Prediction Software with Auditory Feedback
    Reduce keystrokes while typing (lessen the amount), allows for inventive spelling
    Speech to Text

    Use speech to complete and edit written assignments
    Touch Screen

    Activate a computer screen using simple or multi-touch gestures.
    Eye Gaze Systems Write through calibrated eye movement


    PowToon is a tool that helps create animated presentations. 

    Prezi is a cloud-based tool that allows students to create presentations.
    Eduplace is a graphic organizing tool to help with pre-writing skills.

    Popplet is a free mind mapping tool for iPad and PCs.

    • Reading

    Read&Write for Google Chrome
    Read&Write for Google is a text reader, word prediction program, study tool, text leveler and translator that is free to teachers for a year upon subscription. Students can access a limited version of the program and for a fee can access the full program. 


    Read:Outloud is a text reader that makes it easy for students to access to any book file or texts online. The text reader allows students to focus on comprehension versus the mechanics of reading.

    Read:Outloud (Free for Indiana Students)
    Read:Outloud is a free download that is located through the ICAM website. Digital Rights Managers will need to access the link in order for Read:Outloud to be downloaded.


    Bookshare.org is a web-based program that provides unlimited texts for students to listen to as an alternative to reading and/or decoding text. Students will have access to the texts as long as they have access to the internet. Staff are required to set up and manage accounts.

    Learning Ally
    Learning Ally is a not for profit program, formerly known as RFBD (Reading for the Blind and Dyslexic), that provides audio textbooks for students with visual impairments, dyslexia and other disabilities.
    Literactive provides reading materials and resources for pre-school aged students through 1st grade. The leveled program focuses on phonics activities and is a leader in early childhood learning. The material is free but registering is necessary.

    ReadWorks is a comprehension-based resource that provides research-based units and passages to be shared. The curriculum is aligned with Common Core Standards and Individual State Standards. 

    Tar Heel Reader
    The Tar Heel Reader is a collection of accessible books that can be accessed through different interfaces including touch screens, Intellikeys and switches. Books may be accessed or created.

    Storyline Online

    Storyline Online is a Screen Actor's Guild (SAG) created collection of books read by actors.

    Talking Book Library
    Talking Book Library is a collection of books created for students. Individuals who have created talking books through power point are welcome to submit the books to be reviewed and added to the collection. 

  • UDL:

    Interesting Articles: 

    Employer Makes Bold Gamble on Inclusion

    Stuff to try:

    Fisher Price caterpillar coding toy
    Fisher-Price has created a caterpillar that teaches preschoolers to code.
    The language of the future is coming to a child near you...

    C-Pen is a tool designed for scanning and decoding text.
    Decoding does not have to be a barrier for gaining information anymore...

Contact Information:

500 Earlywood Drive
Franklin, IN 46131
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Phone:    317-738-7243

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