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Before each #PatinsIcam Twitter chat, the questions will be posted in advance for you. Follow #PatinsIcam on Tuesday nights (between September and May) from 8:30 PM to 9:00 PM EST to join.

Topic: Engaging Students with Autism (ASD)

  • 8:35 pm Q1: Do you have an Assistive Technology Team? If yes, tell us about it. If no team, what are your barriers?

  • 8:40 pm Q2: How does your team provide AT training/information to the schools or district?

  • 8:45 pm Q3: What AT resources/information do you share so that teachers can be better informed about AT? How does this intesect with your UDL plans?

  • 8:50 pm Q4: How does you team generate an AT assessment/consultation and what resources do you or your team use when conducting AT Assessments?

  • 8:55 pm Q5: What would be helpful to you or would you suggest for others? PATINS is here to help! Contact one of our Specialists!
Q2: How did parent involvement change after returning to schools after pandemic?#PatinsIcam

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