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Monthly Featured Solution: BehaviorFlip

BehaviorFlip is a behavior management system designed for schools to support restorative practices in schools and create a school culture. This platform is a tool for teachers, administrators, and additional support staff to be informed about student behavior.

BehaviorFlip provides data and makes behavior visible and able to be interpreted. BehaviorFlip improves communication based on the information (data) collected. BehaviorFlip supports keeping students in school, which will give opportunities for better academic performance, increase the chance of developing good social skills, and keeping kids in a safe space during the school day.

The program offers a space to track and manage “minor” behaviors that hinder student success, while also logging data to bring awareness about disproportionality and reduce the number of school referrals, suspensions, and expulsions.

Rachel Patton.

2022-2023 Featured Solutions:

  • August 2022 - Irie-AT presents CloverBook Pro
  • September 2022 - BehaviorFlip
  • October 2022 - Tobii Dynavox
  • November 2022 - FINDER
  • December 2022 - Texthelp
  • January 2023 - SPIRIT CLUB
  • February 2023 - Mightier
  • March 2023 - Best Buddies
  • April 2023 - Lab Computers
  • May 2023 - Westminster Technologies

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