Sandi Smith, Specialist

Specialty Areas: Accessible Content Authoring, Chrome Accessibility & Integration, SLD & Transition: Secondary Age

Sandi at the booth

Sandi at the booth

Deep in the weeds

Deep in the weeds

Squirrel stare down

Squirrel stare down

  • Sandi has a background of 21 years in public schools. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Science Education and Master's Degree in Special Education from Indiana University. Go Hoosiers!  She excels in problem-solving and is comfortable with both in and out of the box solutions. Throughout her career, she has been a presenter and trainer at the national, state and regional level. She specializes in Accessible Content Authoring, Chrome Accessibility & Integration, Secondary Age Specific Learning Disorders & Secondary Age Transition. She enjoys exploring Columbus with her husband and dogs and hates writing in 3rd person about herself.

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    • PATINS Specialist

    • Public Educator - 21 years

    • Earth/Space Science Educator 6-12

    • Special Education Teacher

    • State and National Presenter


    • Instructional Technology/Assistive Technology Specialist

    • Indiana Certified Professional Educator

    • CAST Trained UDL Specialist

    • PATINS Accessible Educational Materials Grant Team Leader

    • Google Level 1 Certified

    • Early Adopter of Technology

    • A leader in Technology Integration and Application

    • Digital Out of the Box Thinker

    • Experienced Educator of All Ages and Ability Levels 

    • Previous University Virtual Educator

    • Responsible Digital Citizen

    • Self Starter with Big Ideas

  • Chrome Accessibility - Out of the Box and on the Web
    Let’s turn that Chromebook inside out! We will look at the built-in accessibility tools and move on to some of my favorite apps and extensions for Reading, Writing, and Math.

    Executive Functioning - Just Google it!

    Student agendas and three-ring binders are so 1990's! We don't look up information in an encyclopedia anymore we Google it! Let's teach our students how they can do just that with Google tools. In this webinar, you will be learning how to structure Google Calendar so that activities/classes can be separated for greater clarity. Install add-ons to Google Docs that create functions that enhance note-taking skills for students. Sort Gmail and Google Drive to facilitate greater organization, and create an accessible guided note-taking activity for students in Google Forms. These real-life skills will serve students well beyond their school day. These skills will carry over into their home life and postsecondary experiences.

    Use the All the Functions and Abilities of a Chromebook

    We all know that computer programs/apps and extensions are capable of assisting our students in amazing ways.  The thing we want to know is which ones! We will learn how to create a Hyperdoc to help students progress logically through a lesson.  We will look at some of the most versatile apps available for middle to secondary students. We will explore how to get the computer to support reading, writing and even classroom management!  Get technology on your side!

    Chrome OS and Accessibility

    Participants will learn their way around the Chrome Operating System (OS) We will shop the Chrome Web Store to discover what apps can be found to support all learners.  Some of the apps we will investigate include: text to speech, speech to text and word prediction and inaccessible text conversion. The participants will learn the general merits of this device as a 1:1 tool in a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) environment.

    Apps and Extensions for Chrome

    A fast-paced romp through some of the most useful Chrome Store apps for your classroom.  The specific apps and demos will change frequently to remain current.

    Accessibility and UDL Tips and Tricks Every Educator Should Know

    Participants in this session will see several new ways to modify and manipulate the on-screen text across several devices and operating systems. The following topics will be demonstrated: reading options, writing options, searching made easier, making your own texts, no more Powerpoints and more depending on the length of the presentation.

    Chromebook, Chrome Web Store, and Accessibility
    Participants will learn their way around a Google Chromebook from start-up to shut down. We will shop the Chrome Web Store to discover what apps can be found to support all learners. Some of the apps we will investigate include: iSpeech and some voice to text options as well as the accessibility search. The participants will learn the general merits of this device as a 1:1 tool in a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) environment

    Chrome Apps and Extensions to Increase Reading Accessibility and Comprehension
    On the Internet, most text is digital. Digital text is not static like text on paper. Digital text can be moved, enlarged, read aloud, colored and parceled out in ways that allow our students to increase their comprehension and work on their overall reading mechanics while digesting content. Participants in this session will see several new ways to modify and manipulate the on-screen text. To this end, participants will learn how to access Chrome Apps and Extensions while reading and searching on the Internet. Once this objective is met, participants will learn about the new reading options and styles made possible by free Chrome Apps and Extensions for students online. Participants will then be lead through an exploration of these apps and extensions in order to improve a student's ability to comprehend text. At the end of the session, participants will brainstorm new ways to utilize the tools shown in their own classrooms.

    Chrome Extensions That Help All Readers
    Individualize your students' reading experience with Chrome Extensions. Take a look at all of the different freeways that can be utilized to squeeze the meaning out of text when using Chrome OS. Not all students will use all of these methods, but you will have more than enough options for all!

  • Coming Soon!

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