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Emotional and Behavioral Regulation Using Assistive Technology


Description: Assistive technology can support students with emotional and behavioral concerns access their education on a daily basis. Whether it's a lite/no tech or a high tech option, having a variety of tools in your tool box can help your students become more independent in regulating emotions and behaviors. This training will equip attendees with multiple strategies for students to start regulating behavior and emotions, following rules and routines, accessing and developing coping and self-regulation skills, and engaging in academic tasks.

 Open or Closed: Open


 Time: 11:00 am to 12 pm EST

 Cost: FREE

 Presenter: Lisa Benfield

 PGPs Available? Yes

 Format/Location: Online

 Registration: Zoom Registration Required

 Link to meeting: Meeting link will be emailed to you immediately after registration.

Target Audience: All General and Special Education Teachers, Administrators, Related Service Providers, and/or Paraprofessionals.

Note: This training is also available from PATINS at no cost, in person, for your customized needs. Please contact Lisa Benfield via email to schedule at:
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