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Webinar - AT in the IEP: Boots on the Ground


Event Title: AT in the IEP: Boots on the Ground
Open or Closed: Open

Description: Part 2 of a 5-part series on AT in the IEP.
Day 1: Getting the Money (Funding)
Day 2: Boots on the Ground (Collaboration with IT)
Day 3: What Happens at the Table (IEP)
Day 4: Bringing Them in (Collaboration with AT Team)
Day 5: Making it Stick (Transitioning Students)

Dates & Times Available: (also available upon request for different date/time)
Tuesday, Aug 29, 12:00 pm EST

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Cost: at no cost to participants

Format/Location: webinar via Zoom

Presenters: Amanda Crecelius & Bev Sharritt

Professional Growth Plan Points Available? Yes, available through completion of a short evaluation

Target Audience: All Indiana educators
Notes: To request this training, please email Amanda Crecelius or Bev Sharritt
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