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Apple (iOS) Accessibility & Integration

PATINS Specialist

Genevieve is licensed in Intense Interventions with her B.A inGenevieve Barnes smiling. Communication Disorders and M.A. in Special Education. Her experience spans from the UK to Uganda, to Indiana; from supporting homeschoolers to serving public, private, and international schools. Genevieve believes in encouraging any and all forms of communication using a child-centered approach. She is an enthusiastic ASL signer and UEB braillist, specializing in accessibility for children with deafblindness.

Specialty Areas:

  • AAC
  • Apple Accessibility & Integration
  • Blind/Low Vision

Contact Information:

Phone: 317-340-3005


Weekly Apple Accessibility Tips that are shared on social media, will be updated and available for stakeholders. Please reach out if you want more information about Apple Accessibility and Integration.


Additional training sessions provided by the PATINS team can be found on our Professional Development Guide.

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