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Twitter Chat

Follow #PatinsIcam for Future Chat Dates!

#PatinsIcam Twitter Chats are live, online conversations that bring together educators to discuss Accessible Educational Materials (AEM), Assistive Technology (AT), and Universal Design for Learning (UDL). Follow @PATINSPROJECT and #PatinsIcam on Twitter for announcements about future chat dates, times, and topics!

#PatinsIcam Twitter Chat Guide

1. Before each chat, you can preview the questions surrounding the topic.
2. Create your own Twitter account or sign in to Twitter.
3. Follow #PatinsIcam through the Twitter search function or utilize Tweetdeck, a free social media dashboard, to observe the chat. Follow these steps on how to get started with Tweetdeck. 
4. To participate and respond to questions, create a tweet with A1, A2, A3, etc to answer the corresponding question and include #PatinsIcam at the end of the tweet.
5. At the end of the chat, Indiana educators can earn one (1) Professional Growth Point upon completion of the chat. The evaluation link will be tweeted at the conclusion of the chat.


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