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Support by Area of Need

For each of the specialty areas below, PATINS Specialists can support your students' equitable access to the curriculum via assistive technology, accessible educational materials, and universal design for learning through virtual and in-person consultations, student observations, and small or large group professional development. By selecting a topic below, you will find the corresponding PATINS specialist's contact information, resources, and training information. Because many student's needs overlap specialty areas, you may choose to start with one point of contact or reach out to multiple specialists. 

Need help getting started? PATINS is eager to provide Indiana schools with Technical Assistance (TA). If you are seeking TA with/from PATINS, please fill out the IDOE TA Request Form to get your TA Request fulfilled. *Please mention that you are previously engaged with PATINS.

Technical Assistance Definition: The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) is dedicated to ensuring that local educational agencies (LEAs) receive effective, efficient, and targeted support when needed. Technical assistance (TA), commonly referred to as consulting, is the process of providing targeted support to an organization with a development need or problem. It serves as an effective method for building the capacity of an organization.

Specialty Areas:

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