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The PATINS Project services provided in collaboration with the Indiana Department of Education’s Office of Special Education have concluded as of June 30, 2024. For questions regarding Assistive Technology, please visit

Refurbished Technology

All technology is distributed at no cost to public Indiana schools through the online application request.

This service is intended to fill educational gaps for individual students based on their unique need, not to satisfy infrastructure requests for entire classrooms or buildings.


Indiana public school administrators, special education directors, teachers of record, and other school personnel working with students receiving special education services are eligible to apply for refurbished technology to be used by individual students in need, in the classroom and/or home.


  1. A limit of ten requests per school corporation, per year is our policy. Special needs above this must be approved in writing by the PATINS Project State Director, email Daniel McNulty.
  2. Applications are filled on a first-come first-served basis when the appropriate equipment becomes available. Due to the large volume of requests, each request will be evaluated, and potentially filled, based on the justification provided to support Indiana public K-12 students in gaining meaningful educational access and participation.
  3. Technology is distributed on an AS-IS basis. PATINS does not provide technical support for the technology once delivered.

For questions, please contact Daniel McNulty, PATINS Director.
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