Promoting Achievement through Technology and INstruction for all Students

Consultation: AEM'ing for Achievement Grant Team- virtual


Description: PATINS AEMing for Achieving Grant on Assistive Technology, Accessible Educational Materials, and Universal Design for Learning

School Corporation: Edinburgh Community School Corporation

Closed consultation. If you would like to request a consultation on this topic, please submit the IDOE's Technical Assistance Request Form. This form is required before PATINS is permitted to provide you with support. We strongly value your assistance in fulfilling this state requirement. Your responses on the IDOE’s form are necessary to be able to provide you support now, but it’s also critical to be able to sustain PATINS services at no cost in the future. It shouldn’t take much of your time, and it's important for you to state in the notes that you're already working with PATINS or that you'd like to collaborate with us.

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