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August 2018 - Keyguard Assistive Technology presents custom keyguards

Logo for Keyguard Assistive Technology

Use a custom keyguard from Keyguard Assistive Technology with any device or application. They offer a variety of attachment options as well. Learn more about Keyguard AT on PATINS TV.

For more information, contact:
Email Keyguard AT
Call Keyguard AT 763-755-1402

Call Keyguard AT toll free 888-755-1402

September 2018 - Tobii Dynavox presents the Speech Case

Logo for Tobii Dynavox
Picture of Speech Case with gray, pink, and blue options.

Contact Kelsey Reynolds for product questions:
Email Kelsey
Call Kelsey (317) 619-3469

Photo of Kelsey Reynolds

October 2018 -  Vimme Learning presents an e-learning solution for math education and assessment

Vimme Learning main website page.

Developed by teachers, Vimme Learning offers a cloud-based, single e-learning solution for math mastery and assessments for grades one through eight. View teacher testimonials about Vimme Learning on PATINS TV.

Contact Vimme Learning for product questions:
Email Vimme
Call Vimme (317) 331-5321

November 2018 - Lightspeed presents audio solutions for the classroom.

Lightspeed logo.

 Lightspeed offers audio and video solutions to that help all students remain engaged and participating in the dynamics of the classroom. Learn more about Lightspeed's products on PATINS TV.

Contact David Buist for Lightspeed product questions:
Email David Buist
Call David Buist

December 2018 - Achieve 3000 Boost provides differentiated instruction.

achieve 3000 logo

Achieve 3000 Boost increases literacy gains by aligning grade level standards with online differentiated instruction. Review Achieve 3000's program on PATINS TV.

Contact Diane Baldassari for Achieve 3000 product questions:
Email Diane
Call Diane

January 2019 - INvestABLE Indiana saving options.

INvestABLE Indiana logo.

INvestABLE Indiana provides investing options for families and individuals with disabilities to save while maintaining vital public benefits. See INvestABLE Indiana's benefits on PATINS TV.

Contact Amy Corbin for more information:

Email Amy
Call Amy

Previous Years: 

Close Education


Close Education Brochure
Close Education Website

Learn more about Close Education on PATINS TV on September 19, 2017. See how Close Education partners with school districts and educators to create professional development plans that optimize results and ensure success at all grade levels.

For more information contact:

Laura Close
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