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September 2019 - Oticon presents the ConnectClip

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Oticon’s ConnectClip remote microphone makes it easier for your child to communicate with friends and family where distance or noise is involved. These situations include the classroom, dance class, sports practice, in the car, and at the playground. View the ConnectClip on PATINS TV.

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Karla Quinones

August 2019 - Cadan Assistive Technologies presents Smyle Mouse.

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Smyle Mouse allows hands-free and voice-free control of your computer via a simple webcam. One can point using gentle head motions and click with a smile or dwell. It can also be used as an adaptive switch for AAC software. No stickers on the face, sip/puff switches, wearables or specialized cameras are required. Award-winning and patented software. View Smyle Mouse on PATINS TV.

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