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LoganTech is a manufacturer of mid-tech AAC and distributor of low and high tech AAC solutions. The ProxTalker is a modular, mid-tech AAC solution that allows for choice making, sentence building, and customization to the user's environment. We also have the ProxPAD, which is a single location device that can be used in touch mode or mounted under a table/wheelchair tray and used in proximity mode. We offer different tactile symbol sets, tablet communication bundles, and so much more!

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2021-2022 Featured Solutions!

  • August 2021 - Cochlear America presents the Mini Mic 2+
  • September 2021 - LoganTech
  • October 2021 - SiLAS Solutions
  • November 2021 - APP2Speak
  • December 2021 - PASS Project
  • January 2022 - PRC-Saltillo
  • February 2022 - ObjectiveEd
  • March 2022 - Lab Computers
  • April 2022 - OverDrive
  • May 2022 - Texthelp

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