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When should braille and large print instructional materials be ordered?

All textbook orders for the upcoming school year should be ordered by April 15 of the current school year if possible.  Order all textbooks titles you know that the student will require.  It takes a minimum of 4 months for new braille transcriptions and 3 months for production of large print/accessible files, sometimes longer during the summer peak order season.

Is there a cost to borrow materials from the IERC?

LEA's do not have to pay for the materials received from the IERC.  Materials are provided through Federal Quota dollars and Part B discretionary funds and are on loan to the LEA's.  All items are tracked and LEA's are accountable for the return of materials to the IERC when the student has finished using them. 

Why do you need the ISBN number on textbook orders?

The ISBN or International Standard Book Number is a unique 13-digit number that identifies one title or edition of a title from one specific publisher and is unique to that edition.  Prior to 2007, it was a ten-digit number.  Each format or binding must have a separate ISBN.  Once assigned, an ISBN can never be reused.  This number helps the IERC pin-point the exact textbook information.  Read more about ISBN numbers here.

Sometimes classroom teachers provide the wrong textbook information to me and I order the wrong large print or braille book. If the IERC provides the book I have ordered, but it is the wrong title or edition, will they provide a second, corrected copy?

Only if we have it in our collection, ready to loan.  We will not purchase a second copy as these items are very costly.  It is the responsibility of the LEA to insure the accuracy of the order information prior to placing the order the first time.  The IERC will provide the LEA with commercial sources where they can purchase the materials directly if needed.

Does the IERC supply magnifiers, CCTV's or other non-APH materials?

No.  The LEA's will need to purchase these materials directly from the commercial vendors.  The LEA's may want to contact the PATINS Project Lending Library for product information or possible equipment loan.

May DRM's order more that one copy of a braille or large print textbook for a student?

The IERC will provide one set of textbooks in braille or large print.  It is the LEA's responsibility to provide a second copy if it has been documented as a need on the student's individualized education plan.  The IERC's role is to assist the LEA's in the provision of accessible instructional materials.

Are the materials ordered with federal quota dollars generated by my students the property of the school or do the materials need to be returned to the IERC?

Materials ordered with Federal Quota dollars are the property of the State of Indiana and must be returned to the IERC after the student is finished using them.  It is the responsibility of the state's Ex Officio (IERC Director) to oversee the federal account, which includes the distribution, tracking, and re-loan of educational materials purchased with quota dollars.  All federal quota dollars as well as materials purchased with those dollars must be accounted for.

May the student consume braille and large print workbooks?

Workbooks or consumable textbooks ONLY may be consumed if needed.  If materials are consumed, they must be accounted for during the annual inventory recall process as consumed so we can update our inventory accordingly.

If my student moves in-state, but to another LEA, can I send his/her materials with them or do they need to be returned to the IERC?

All materials loaned to an LEA for use by a specific student must be returned to the IERC if the student moves to a different school corporation.  It will be the responsibility of the DRM from the new school corporation to update the student information on the ICAM and to order materials required for use by the student enrolled in the new LEA. 

If borrowed braille and large print textbooks and specialized aids and equipment are not accounted for or returned to the IERC at the end of each school year, will the ordering district be charged for their replacement?

The local education agency is ultimately responsible for tracking and accounting for all ordered instructional materials purchased with state and federal dollars and loaned to them by the IERC at the end of each school year.  The IERC reserves the right to charge the ordering local education agency for lost or unaccounted braille and large print books as well as specialized aids and equipment.  For books with multiple volumes, the school district would be charged for the cost to replace the entire book, if the IERC cannot replace individual volumes.

Why do I need to send two print copies of a textbook for production of transcription?

If textbooks ordered are not available in large print or braille, two original copies will be requested by the IERC for production or transcription from the LEA.  One copy is torn apart during the production process and kept on site with the master and the second copy, used for proofreading, is returned to the school after production or transcription is complete.  It is the responsibility of the local education agency to provide the requested print copies of the textbooks, not the IERC or the MAMP.  The local education agency can choose not to send print copies to the IERC for production or transcription and can purchase directly from commercial sources if available. 

Why did the IERC send out a braille copy of the national edition of a book when the state edition was ordered?

In order to keep costs down and to prevent the transcription of a braille book already available, the IERC reserves the right to substitute the national edition of an ordered state edition if the publisher verifies that the national edition is classroom compatible with the state edition. 

Will the Miami Accessible Media Project (MAMP) produce accessible versions of any textbook?

No.  Only accessible derivative versions, as a result of the production of the hard copy large print or transcription of a braille textbook, will be made available in accessible formats as determined appropriate by the MAMP.  Any accessible formats produced by the MAMP will appear in the ICAM during a search if the student has qualified for these specialized formats per their IEP.

May large print and braille instructional materials be ordered directly from the Miami Accessible Media Project (MAMP)?

No.  All orders for large print and braille instructional materials must go through the ICAM via the appointed DRM and then to the IERC for review and processing. All orders sent to MAMP originate from the IERC.

Will the IERC enlarge or transcribe ISTEP preparatory materials?

The Indiana Educational Resource Center is unable to provide braille or large print copies of ISTEP preparatory materials.  The IERC has been instructed by the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) assessment office that we cannot produce ISTEP materials (even if it is part of a publisher bundle) into an alternate format because these materials are not endorsed by the IDOE. Therefore, because they are not endorsed by the state, we cannot expend our federal Part B dollars to produce alternate formats for our students.  In addition, the material contained in these items, per IDOE, may actually violate the Indiana State Board of Education's Ethical Testing Practices and Procedures.  School corporations are encouraged to use the endorsed ISTEP materials and assessment.

Will the IERC provide textbooks of a religious nature for a students being served in parentally placed, non-public schools?

No.  Per the Indiana State Code, we cannot expend federal dollars on the purchase or production of religious curriculum materials for use by students in parentally-placed, non-public schools, including those books from religious publishers. However, if the book is used as part of the local education agency curriculum and has been endorsed by the local education agency, we can provide those titles.

Does the IERC provide older copyrights or editions of braille and large print textbooks?

The IERC reserves the right, dependent on funding, to not purchase older copyrights or editions of specialized braille and large print instructional materials.  If the LEA requests an older copyright of a textbook in braille or large print, and the IERC is unable to purchase, the IERC will assist the LEA by researching available commercial vendors for procurement at the local level.  Furthermore, if an LEA writes into a student's individualized education program (IEP) that braille and/or large print textbooks will be provided for a student, it shall not be the ultimate responsibility of the IERC to provide the braille and/or large print textbooks and materials.

Will the IERC replace braille and large print instructional materials lost by districts?

Due to limited funds, the IERC cannot replace specialized instructional materials that have been purchased/shipped by the IERC and received at the LEA, then lost or misplaced at the local level.

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