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News and Updates

StudentusingApex1.jpgA girl reads a braille book during a lesson at the Baptist Sangha School for Blind girls, the only residential school for visually impaired females in Bangladesh. Irrespective of religion or cast, the school educates blind girls, gives them vocational training and provides them with food, housing and clothing.StudentusingBookport1.jpg

News & Updates

IERC Will Be Moving

The IERC will be moving its operation to a temporary location in early winter. This is a result of a construction project slated to begin in late summer of 2024 on the ISBVI campus, where the IERC currently is housed. All buildings on the campus, except for the front tower buildings and the natatorium, will be torn down and new buildings constructed to house the Indiana School for the Blind and the Indiana School for the Deaf, who will share the new campus. This project is expected to take approximately 5 years. The IERC will move back to the new campus upon the completion of the build.
Our temporary location will be at the IPS Flores Torrence School #83, 5050 E. 42nd Street, Indianapolis, IN for the duration of the construction process. We are anticipating the move will take place during the month of February 2024, but we will provide more information as we work through this process.

Book Orders

Please begin thinking about your second semester material needs as the IERC will be closed for a few weeks as we complete the physical move and setup in our new location.
Old braille code EBAE will be removed from our inventory and only UEB braille will be retained. Some of our older students are still efficient users of EBAE and UEB. If your school uses older textbooks, copyright older than 10 years, and your student can utilize EBAE books, please search the ICAM collection and place an order for the textbook/s on the ICAM from our collection, if available in EBAE. This could be a need for this school year or upcoming school years. Once the book is sent to you, it will be yours to keep, as we will have removed it from our inventory.

Federal Quota Annual Census

The IERC will be conducting the Annual Census for Legally Blind Students and the annual review/edit of all information for students who are blind or have low vision via the ICAM as of January 1, 2024, through February 15, 2024. Appointed designees for the Annual Census will update and add student information during this process. The IERC staff will compile all data for students who function at or meet the definition of legal blindness per the “Act to Promote the Education of the Blind,” and will submit the information, per parental consents, to the American Printing House for the Blind (APH) by March 15, 2024. Students registered during this process will generate federal quota funds for the IERC to use to purchase specialized instructional materials from APH.
For more information about the Federal Quota Annual Census process and parental consents, visit the IERC Federal Quota

Please continue to register all new students and update existing student’s information as it changes (grade levels, visual acuities, etc.) on the ICAM to keep student information current.

Special Request

If you search the ICAM for an item and your results are unsuccessful, you may place a Special Request for that item. Select Special Request and enter data or after you have searched the ICAM with the APH catalog number, you will have the option to place a “Special Request".

Delivery Confirmation Process
Be sure to login to the ICAM as soon as you receive materials from the IERC to confirm your delivery.

Duplicate Student Error Message on the ICAM
If you have a student who has moved into your system and has already been registered in the ICAM, do not attempt to reregister them. Instead, update the student information using the Edit Student function. If you attempt to reregister a student already in the system, you will receive a “Duplicate Student” error message

If you need additional assistance or information, do not hesitate to contact the IERC staff at 800-833-2198 or via email. Please explore the IERC Policies and Procedures found in the right side menu.

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