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ICAM and Bookshare

In the past, when a title was unavailable from the ICAM, a Bookshare search was executed by the ICAM staff and the DRM was notified if it was available there. Now, because of our partnership with Bookshare, a Digital Rights Manager (DRM) or a teacher they've registered, can order Bookshare titles through the ICAM Web Ordering System. 

Bookshare, the ICAM and the NIMAS regulations all require that a student have a current IEP and one of the documented print or reading disabilities, confirmed by a  certified competent authority. So when a DRM registers students with the ICAM, the criteria to get a Bookshare account has already been met, and there is no need to create a separate account with Bookshare. In fact, a benefit to creating Bookshare accounts through the ICAM is if there is a problem with a file that requires troubleshooting, the ICAM staff is well-prepared to deal with these and other technical issues. 

This partnership takes us closer to our vision of having one entity for Indiana schools to go to for all their Accessible Educational Material (AEM) needs. There are 3 easy steps for a title that is available and needed from Bookshare:

  1. As a DRM or teacher, log into ICAM Web Ordering.

  2. Choose Make Special Request.

  3. Fill in all fields that have an asterisk*, in the Notes field type "Bookshare" and submit.
That's all. The ICAM will search for the title, place the order with Bookshare and provide the DRM with the student login credentials for Bookshare. The DRM or teacher may search for the needed title's availability at before placing a Special Request, although that is not necessary. Bookshare titles include textbooks, popular fiction, classic literature, and training/study guides.

New in October 2023: Bookmarks are now available on Mobile Devices!

Bookmarks are available as a beta for Bookshare Reader for smartphones and tablets.

A top requested feature for the mobile app, bookmarks let your students save your reading spot, or multiple spots, and return to them with ease across their browser-based and mobile devices.

Questions/Concerns? Contact:

Jeff Bond, ICAM Technology Specialist
Michelle Rubin, ICAM DRM Services Specialist
Sandy Stabenfeldt, ICAM Digital Services Specialist

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