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The ICAM is happy to present to you MackinVIA™

MackinVIA™ delivers a digital/audio solution for students who require accessible formats of print instructional materials, giving them access to over 70,000 titles including non-fiction, popular fiction, classic literature and more. Students with a documented print disability and an IEP are eligible for an account with MackinVia™ at no charge through the ICAM. 

The ICAM provides titles from the MackinVIA Library in two formats: eBooks and Audiobooks, including Read-A-Long titles, depending on what is available from the publishers. Audiobooks are audio only, with chapter and page headings displayed, but no text. 

Currently, the MackinVIA™ library does not include textbooks. However, there are subject categories of titles to match subject areas, which support content vocabulary, current and historic facts, and skills support, such as foreign language, math and language arts.

MackinVIA™ offers features proven to increase fluency and comprehension in readers of all ages. For instance, while ear reading, students may use:

  • highlighting
  • underlining
  • note-taking
  • adjustable color and fonts
  • built-in dictionary
  • and a choice of voices and reading speeds. 

For textbooks, the ICAM will continue to provide ePub and PDF files from the NIMAC and Bookshare.

DRMs or teachers will place orders for MackinVia titles in 3 easy steps:

  1. Log into ICAM Web Ordering.

  2. Choose Make Special Request.

  3. Fill in all fields that have an asterisk*, in the Notes field type "Mackin" and submit.

The ICAM will place the order with Mackin and notify the DRM. Once the order is ready the DRM will receive an email which contains the student login, password and other instructions. If the needed title is not available, we will search for other available options.

If you would prefer to search for a title or browse which titles are available, you will need to create a free Mackin account.

Please view this demonstration video which explains the Mackin ordering process. Jeff Bond, the ICAM Technology Specialist, also created a video that explains in detail the email the DRM will receive after placing the Special Request through the ICAM Web Ordering System. There are training videos on the website which cover the Backpack, Note Taking and Study Aids, type of searches as well as FAQs.

You may play your ICAM-MackinVIA audiobooks with the free MackinVIA App. The app is available for Apple devices and Android devices. MackinVIA can also be accessed from any computer or internet connected device. It is available for Windows/Mac/Android/Chrome/or Google Play. To get started, please see the help guides and links.

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Questions/Concerns? Contact:

Jeff Bond, ICAM Technology Specialist
Michelle Rubin, ICAM DRM Services Specialist
Sandy Stabenfeldt, ICAM Digital Services Specialist

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