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VI Student Registration

Registering only students who have a documented Vision Impairment.

Please be sure you have the CCC forms, which contain all the information you need to create a student account. You will enter data into all required fields. After you have created the account, attach the CCC forms to the IEP.

Log into the Web Ordering System using your secure User name and Password.

Click New VI Student

Review the statement and click I Agree to continue

Fill in the following fields:

*School Corporation - the drop-down menu will include all corporations associated with the teacher’s login

*Type of Educational Facility: choose from drop-down

*Student Number (STN)

*Student Name: First, Last, Middle name not required

*Date of Birth (DOB): use the appropriate format as shown

*Gender: choose from drop-down menu

*Grade Level: choose from drop-down menu

*Primary Language of the student: choose from dropdown; see Help if student is non-verbal

*Which type of written plan info: choose from drop-down

*Date of current Written Plan: Use appropriate format; must be within the last 12 months

*The need for specialized formats info: must check Yes to proceed

*Primary Reading Medium: choose from drop-down

*Secondary Reading Medium: choose from drop-down

*Other Reading Medium: choose from drop-down. Note that Reading Mediums cannot be duplicated.

*Current Eye Medical Date: use appropriate format

*Most recent Acuities: Right and Left eyes

Peripheral Field: for restricted visual field of 20 degrees or less

If you wish, you may provide additional notes to the ICAM staff.

*You must certify that the information you have entered is accurate and fully documented as described. You must click I Agree in order to continue.

Next you will be able to confirm new data for the student you have just entered. If all is correct, Submit then return Home.

When a Teacher enters a student, that student must be approved by the DRM. If a DRM enters a student it is approved automatically.

An email will be sent to the DRM notifying them that they have a new student request awaiting approval the next day. The DRM will need to login and click Approve Students. Review student data and then approve the student. 

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