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ICAM/IERC VI or APH Order Process

Step by Step Directions for VI Order Process

First, login into the Web Ordering System using your secure User name and Password; agree to the Terms and Conditions, and Login.

Click My Account and update your personal information, if needed. Currently you may enter only one address, so for Address Type choose Business and enter the information for the school with which you are most closely or frequently affiliated. Please be sure all address information is complete and unabbreviated. Save.

Please note that Current User displays your name and assigned role for the displayed School Corporation. If you serve more than one School Corporation, choose the appropriate choice from the drop-down menu.

To begin your search for Braille or Large Print, from the menu at left click Search ICAM/IERC. In most cases for textbooks, an ISBN Search will be the most productive search. If you have the correct student edition ISBN, that is all you need. Leave all other fields blank. For the best search results for a fictional work such as a novel, short story, or play, use only the title not an ISBN.

Enter the ISBN Data: and Submit.

Now on the Search Results page, find the needed format and verify that copies are available, then click Add to Bookbag. If a copy is not available, you will place a Special Order Request.

Enter STN and 1st two letters of last name.

If the correct student is named click Submit.

At the field: Ship to Attention of enter name of person who will receive the materials, and Submit.

Choose the correct Location from the drop-down menu. This will be all the schools affiliated with the patron.


You may View Your Book Bag or Add Another Search.

Complete your order and click Check Out.

To order Tangible Aids and Equipment from the APH Catalog, instead of ISBN enter the APH Catalog Number Search or Equipment Search. Please note: A search using an APH Catalog number will require hyphens. For an ISBN search, however hyphens are omitted.

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