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Teacher Registration

Registering a Teacher

As a DRM, you will be responsible for entering Teacher data into the web ordering system. Once you have registered a teacher, that teacher will be able to register their own students, and order materials.

Log into the Web Ordering System using your secure User name and Password.

The Current User will display your name and position.

Using the drop-down menu, choose the school corporation for which you are adding a teacher.

Click Add Teacher: First you need the teacher’s email address. If you are both the DRM and the teacher do not register yourself as a teacher. The DRM role supersedes the Teacher role. DRM’s can perform all teacher functions.

Enter the email address and click Find Teacher.

Now you will see a blue ribbon: Teachers with Matching Email Address. Since this is a new entry, no information will display. On the far right gray box, click Register New.

Fill in the fields: For Teacher Type, choose the VI Teacher or PH/LD Teacher radio button.

In the Position dropdown box, Select the position title that best fits the teacher’s role.

At Address Type click the drop-down arrow. Select the type of address and enter the address details in the boxes below.

From the drop-down menu choose the County.

Phone Type: use the drop-down to choose the type you need to enter.

Email Address Type: Choose the type and enter below. The email address you entered on the Enter Teacher screen will auto fill to this field.

Location: The drop-down menu will include all the school locations for the school corporation you selected at the top of this page. Choose the school associated with the teacher you are entering.

Click Save.

Now you will see the teacher you have successfully added. Select Add Teacher again to continue adding as many teachers as you need. DRMs may register teachers for their district(s) but are restricted to registering Teacher(s) of Record who have students with a qualifying print disability. It is not appropriate or advisable to register all teachers that the print disabled student sees daily or weekly; in uncommon situations, it may be necessary to register additional teachers. Please contact the ICAM if you need to do so

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